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Wix and Webflow compared to one another

How is Wix more limited then Webflow? I intuitively feel this and designed with both sites… just would like some people to share.

  1. Specifically, the design capabilities of both are what I wonder about. I.e. does Webflow have better animations, more animations, stacking animations, more customization for animations

  2. Please feel free to share about other ways they compare, besides design.

From what I’ve seen, Editor X (Wix’s new designer) is much closer to competing with Webflow but still falls short in a lot of ways. That said, they do have the power of Corvid Velo which gives developers a much more direct way at manipulating code within the project—although this isn’t really easy for most “non-developers” to utilize.

I was intrigued by Wix’s big marketing push for the Editor X “Unstoppable” presentation that they had yesterday, but outside of some Google Docs-like collaboration functionality it was pretty underwhelming. They have—in my opinion—a much weaker UI all around than Webflow and even if they’ve made improvements to load times recently I am most familiar with them producing slow, poorly coded sites based on previous experiences.

Webflow animations (Interactions) are extremely powerful and can achieve amazing experiences for clients. Editor X has the ability to create animation as well from what I’ve seen, but I don’t believe they are nearly as intuitive and still plagued by the terrible underlying Wix UI.

It’s important to remember that up until Editor X was released, Wix really didn’t even come close to having the power that Webflow has—their old editor (which still exists for some reason, and there’s no way to upgrade sites that were built using it to the new Editor X) is a joke that shouldn’t even be considered for any modern site.

It’s great to see other competition from big players, but if Webflow is still positioned ahead of the pack in a number of ways—especially considering their the newest of the “big” platforms available:

Wordpress launched in 2003
Squarespace launched in 2004
Shopify and Wix launched in 2006
Webflow launched in 2013