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Has anyone tried Ycode? (new no-code web app builder)

I saw Ycode ( recently launched a No-Code Web App Builder for “advanced web apps”. Looking around their site, it really seems and looks like Webflow, but geared towards creating full scale apps out of the box. Webflow is great for what it is, but unfortunately at the moment cannot be used to create actual web apps without lots of hacky solutions.

Was curious if anyone has tried this tool yet, and if so, what were/are your thoughts?


It doesn’t seem ready. Their instructional material isn’t there yet. and that’s really the Webflow secret sauce. I tried using webflow before they’d built out all the videos, and it was just completely uninteligeable. I cloned a stock project from ycode, and it’s been 10 minutes just creating the file.

So I’m almost certain that this is only for people who like working with beta software, who have time on their hands.

I hope that Webflow pulls its pants up and matches these features so I don’t have to migrate.

But I like Ycode’s prices, they’re much more fair for small projects. And competition is good.

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