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New Editor X by Wix

Has everyone tried out Editor X by Wix? Apparently its a new Webflow competitor. Is it any good?

To @jeffbezos
One of my website is still in Wix. Do you want to know about the easiness of the tools? Or The speed of the website?
Speaking of tools…extremely easy to use!! It’s one of the essential reason that I use Wix in the first place. You can really just drag and drop. SERIOUSLY easy! Probably one of the most easiest drag and drop website builder tools that you should use if you want to build a beautiful website with freedom of design. Because of the drag and drop it’s save a lot of time and you really don’t need to watch tutorial videos much (unlike Webflow). I believe I can build more beautiful website in Wix rather than in Webflow.
BUT speaking of speed, really painful! I decided to move to Webflow with a great lost. Wix will make it hard for you to migrate your site. In one of the article (they probably intentionally make it hard to find) that article said Wix isn’t recommend you to use PNG images. I knew that until I started to get a very slow website and decided to contact their support. I was so OMG. I mean what’s the point to have a beautiful website but slow loading, no one gonna be patient to wait. Even you upload JPEG or SVG but the speed can’t compare to Webflow. As you know Webflow use CDN. So Wix has it’s own speed testing website for you. I tested it, it graded mine like B which mean good but the other speed testing tool said different. And for my naked eyes…very slow. Their SEO not really good. They don’t offer much. I started to see that they mainly focus of the easiness of building website. Anyone with zero code knowledge will love Wix in the first sight. I personally not recommend Wix or Editor X if you looking for a fast loading website and SEO. After I changed to Webflow my site performance getting sooo much better, can be because of the speedy and yeah SEO. The con is my site isn’t beautiful like when I was in Wix.


Hi there. Thanks for your response. I think your talking more about Wix Editor than Editor X. Yes, but I do agree with you. The sites are very slow. I did a bit of research and they are launching a massive update for all Wix sites that will make them “Apple website speed”. Here is the video i found addressing the performance prblems The lady shows demos of the updates. Is SEO really bad. I’m not sure you have been on Wix lately? Is is pretty advanced.

First their SEO

It’s simply ask you to connect to search console. You can’t add meta description…on each page

I’m not quite sure if there’s any third parties app to improve SEO there. It’s true that my current site is still in Wix Editor and transfer to Editor X is a pain. I can’t find any good reason why Wix doesn’t let me do it. Do you know why Wix said their Editor X improve the site speed? I would take back my words on images loading as I also can’t find reference in Wix. The article I saw is only talk about Wix Editor. They aren’t publish any images faster loading in Editor X or I might miss it. Please share if you can find it. I will be more than happy if I can use Editor X to improve the site speed because transfer away from it loss all my pages…

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There is this video from @Ran_Segall that could help you make your decision.

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Yes, but Ran didn’t actually an in depth on the features. He sort of skimmed over Editor X. At the end of the day, you can’t get an unbiased review from him because Webflow literally pays him to make videos. Thanks anways. I think I will have to experiment myself with Editor X. Its seems promising!?

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I had a look in the Editor and there is Advanced SEO. You have to go into the pages menu and click the three dots, then select SEO or Advanced SEO. I don’t think you looked properly.

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So you’re using it. Is there any good? How do I use advanced SEO? Why Wix make the old premium customer like me not able to transfer to Editor X? How is the speed? Is it use CDN? Speed is the most important things for me.

Here I found a link explaining Advanced SEO You cannot transfer your old site to Editor X as Editor X is a completely different product. You will have to remake it, but trust me, once you remake it on Editor X, it will look 10x better than the regular Wix Editor. I think it is worth it. Speeds on Editor X are already improved by my experience but as I sent you the video, they are still working on it. Speeds are NOT terrible. You can learn more

I think Editor X is much easier to make a good looking website fast, without learning much. With Webflow, I have to learn so much to be good at it.

Now that does sound promising! you should use it.

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Wix just announced even more SEO options:

So it’s really good!

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Bottom line is if it is slow, itis not good! It’s ok if you go easy over speed for your own site, but I would not touch it for client work.


Wix is terrible! I tried it for one of my sites. It has the worst seo and the site never works as expected across multiple devices. Webflow is a far superior product with good clean code which equals better seo too.

Most of our Customers are people fed up with Wix, so they are swithing to us / webflow.

I don’t like Wix. I have an experience with it. However, Webflow is great with better SEO. Webflow let you customize the site, whereas Wix uses mostly templates fully

Nah, Editor X by Wix is decent but still not on the same level as Webflow. The good news however is that Webflow has now a direct competitor :slight_smile:

Honest response: I love Webflow, it helped change my life and I run an agency now.

A lot of the difficult “barriers to entry” were alleviated by Webflow, so I will always love what Webflow taught me and enabled me to accomplish.

However, Webflow, since being injected with $70 Million, seems to have totally faltered and dropped the ball. Where did the money go?

Simple, obvious, compelling features like “memberships” and “user preferences” are being completely ignored… And the YouTube videos helping show users how to jump from C4D to After Effects to Webflow are very cool, but I am trying to built web experiences that have purpose. Purpose requires flexibility and power.

So admittedly, and without being an ego-monster, I was a newb and Webflow helped me get familiarized with a whole new creative universe. I love Webflow for that. But I also think Webflow hasn’t grown with me, so Editor X is a cool alternative, given it has Node and NPM capabilities, but No-Code is No-Fun when you can sniff all the potential you’re preventing yourself from realizing if you just… jump into coding.

Now that I code, I still use Webflow because I love it, Editor X seems better, TBH, and ultimately, being the person who can understand the JS, CSS, and HTML element structure is not going out of fashion.

So yea, I love Webflow, but I feel they haven’t kept pace with competitors OR community requests. Why do SVGs sent via API still convert to JSONs? Why is the API still v1.0.0? What are they even doing? They successfully tapped the creative heartbeat of so many users, and now I’m just frustrated with their stagnation.

I don’t need stupid clipping masks I need to have a site that lets me have users. I don’t need stupid “image fill” options I need to be able to have more CMS items. Why doesn’t webflow have a “comments” element, a “login” element? Etc.

I predict people who love rendering in Cinema 4D (where you literally have to study light itself to be good) and people who create Lotties in After Effects (where you literally have to embrace complexity to achieve simplicity) aren’t going to stick around on Webflow when things like Editor X come around.

I’m now building mostly in Firebase or Supabase + Airtable Scripting Blocks + Webflow (for design only). Webflow has stopped earning any of my dollars and it’s a good visual tool, but I can copy and paste that code anywhere else and it works just as well.

I’m in love with Webflow but I’m like an emotional Andrea Bocelli and Con Te Partiro or whatever. It’s been real webflow I’m leaving you though.


If anyone thinks I’m being grouchy, checkout this totally valid community help ticket:

I spent months trying to create scripts and flows that enabled me to work with Webflow from various client-friendly platforms like Google Sheets and Airtable.

I literally researched the entire community help forums, I found so many ignored or forgotten help tickets. How hard is it to fix an issue with SVGs? A-hem, Webflow, WHERE IS YOUR SUPPORT?

I was working with a staffing agency and guess what? All those SVG logos I had in my Airtable for various companies? Useless. I scoured community forums for help and Webflow just leaves a trail of tears for basic elementary issues like this. If you go to that link above you’ll see two users, like ships passing in the night, just basically shrugging at each other because Webflow is AWOL. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

So what am I supposed to do? I have a client that runs a staffing agency… do I tell them I can’t show logos for companies or do I abandon Webflow? I obviously abandoned Webflow for that project and realized the power of Netlify CMS.

I’m just so disappointed. Just like Harry Potter changed my life then in 2015 became a sort of obnoxious polarized nonsense, Webflow opened up a new world to me but simple small issues like this get ignored and I’m forced to look elsewhere for a “new Webflow”.

If you’re comfortable with Webflow jump to better more powerful options anyway. Love you Webflow! Just sharing my frustration. Unless Webflow plans to use the $72 Million given to it, I’m done.


Webflow is quickly becoming the MySpace of WYSIWYG Web Development Tools. I am so happy competition is here to remind Webflow that performance matters, especially to the users who rely on and champion their platform to clients, colleagues, and peers.

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@LokahLuv @Stupid @Naheed you guys obviously have had no experience with the Editor X. You are going on the bases of the normal Wix Editor which is slow and unresponsive. You need to test out Editor X for yourself. Its still in Beta but is much nicer and easier to use.