WIX: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Oh hey there, Wix. You Webflow much?



I feel like I’ve seen that design before… Somewhere… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I was tasked with working on a Wix site recently at my full-time position (long story short, it’s not good) and ended up taking a stroll through the beta of this for fun. I didn’t use it for the site but I did play around with some of the features.

Not even a few seconds in and I immediately recognized the interface as directly inspired by Webflow. I did notice some nifty tricks like setting “anchors” on elements to respect their position relative to a section (similar to XD or Figma) as well as creating custom breakpoints on the fly, but honestly they needed to do something to take their base editor into the modern age. No joke, currently you only have two “breakpoints” on sites (outside of very specific elements) and the mobile version loads only on mobile device - not when the viewport is scaled down. I had to explain to a coworker that the site won’t respond like others we’ve developed due to how the platform works at a base level…

That being said, their development mode (based on their platform called Corvid, a name that I don’t expect to stick) is surprisingly powerful looking and could be a valuable resource for some developers. I personally don’t find value in it (being very light on the development side of things) but I’m surprised how far they’ve come since their days of flash websites.

Yea for sure! I mean, jokes aside, this was bound to happen for Wix, like you said. Ultimately, competition is good and I’m sure Webflow will use this as fuel to keep adding killer features to an already killer platform. Also, Wix and Webflow, I would imagine, have a fairly significant gap between their types of ideal users.