Why is my webflow designer running so slow?

I have been having problem with the speed of Webflow dashboard for a while now. I can’t remember when it started but it just seems to have gotten slower and slower to the point that it takes a few seconds to just scroll down a page. Is it my computer? The browser I use? The size of the website? or is it common?

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Latest Google Chrome (Windows/Mac) and Safari (Mac) are the officially supported browsers. However, any browser that is built on Chromium will also work.

Duplicate of these previously-asked questions (please use search first):

Hi Sam,

That’s what I am using (Chrome) and I did try to use search but non of these came up for some reason. I am not sure why but some how my designer is running frustrating slow and seems to be getting slower… My editor is having faster response from Webflow that I am. It is now so slow that I practically can not edit my website. Switching from an element to another took minimum of 5 seconds each time (3 seconds for the hover to response and another 2 seconds after clicking for it to be selected). It takes me a minute to scroll from top of the page to end of the page. It is near impossible to make any changes.

I am experiencing the same issues. My internet connection is fine and I have a brand new mac.

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