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Which version of what browsers does webflow support?

Which version of what browsers does webflow natively support, right out of the box?

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I think your question is what browser is the best to use Webflow with.

I am pretty sure it is Chrome.

Hope this helped. :wink::+1:

and the latest Safari browser

Most of the time I have to make sure my websites look great on many different browsers and a certain number of older versions of those browsers. So not just the best browser, but all supported browsers.

I’d be curious, too.

The designer tool only works in Safari and Chrome. The websites our platform produces work for IE11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. Basically any modern browser.



Websites with flexbox css implementation are problematic in IE11 due to the large amounts of bugs in this browser. Can’t blame Webflow for that, although it is unfortunate, because it makes flexbox unusable when support for IE11 is needed.

It would be nice if Webflow staff would let us know which browsers and versions officially support Flex code. How far back does flex work with IE?


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