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The Webflow designer seems very slow for me

What’s going on, the designer is doing my head in. Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed things slowing down but today is a joke. Are you guys going to speed things up soon?

Works super fast and fine for me - must be related to your internet :confused:

Can you provide some stats? Do an internet speed test and post here. Also how many pages and classes do you have in your site?

Hi Sergie says ping is 44ms, upload is 7.26 and download is 0.89 Mbps. I have 25 pages and well lots of classes (too many really) maybe about 100 but I’m cleaning that up now and the number is reducing.

Worked and works perfectly fine for me now. 100 classes is not a big amount. What browser and OS are you using? Did it happen also on Incognito Mode?

Did you get download and upload the wrong way around?

I’m using Chrome and have tried Safari. Cognito mode doesn’t appear to help. Could it be my location and latency from your servers? I’m in Sydney not sure if that could make a difference but I know it’s a bloody long swim to California. :slight_smile:

I have more “to swim” from Poland do sunny california than you so it’s not that. I have friends in Sydney using Webflow and it works great in there. It’s something on your PC blocking it. Could you explain more how it is slow for you? What exactly? Writting in paragraphs,dragging and dropping objects or what? What Operating System do you have? OS X, Windows, Linux? What browser version? Could you record a screen and publish it here? If you are using OS X you can use Quickcast, it’s a great feature I’m using for videos in here.

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Can you please post a read-only public link to some of your sites that are working slowly? It may be something with the individual site that might be bogging things down.

As an example, all of these (usually pretty complex) sites work very fast for me in the designer:

Also, what are the specs of your computer? e.g. CPU, RAM, etc?

NO kidding, it’s brutal
This is no longer a tool, but like pulling teeth.

I have a 4Mbps connection with 0.56 Mbps upload (constant)

As soon as I start adding pages, this thing turns into molasses.

I’m not paying for this if I can’t use it.

12 ms PING
I have exactly 7 pages, maybe 70 classes, and 3 reused symbols (for navigation)

IT is taking a minute almost 2 every time I make a move or change

completely useless.

also have slow-flow, which is slow webflow :smiley:

@klubjunk, you should not be seeing any sort of delays beyond hundreds of milliseconds, let alone minutes! :\

Can you please post detailed browser and environment information? Also, do you see your CPU spiking and does your fan spin up? Webflow only occasionally saves to our servers (e.g. every 10 seconds or so), and it does so in the background unrelated to any UI changes, so your network speed should not matter much during the actual design process (only really affects how quickly the designer application loads at first).

Can you please post a read-only link to a site where you’re seeing really slow performance?

ON further inspection.
I stopped using Chrome, and using opera is much faster.

What’s up with that?

I’m experiencing this with some “larger sites”. I think it has to do with the amount of styles created? I’m working on a site with about 200 styles (and growing), but it seems the behavior of the editor gets worse very day. Sometimes waiting seconds before it will scroll or actually click an item. Quite frustrating to work like this!

@callmevlad any idea?

Try clearing up any unused pages, classes, symbols, and interactions.

Hi, yeah I’m afraid that’s kind of part of my workflow already. Project is about 50 pages, 20 symbols, 200-300 classes. Will such a project result in very slow behavior like I’m experiencing?

Probably a silly question but when ever my webflow starts being unresponsive I restart chrome. This seems to do the trick for me. I notice that i lose my hover cursor when it starts acting up also (only on mac btw). I work on mac and pc and have found my pc to be more snappy and never have any issues.

My website has over 20 pages and a dozen collections and the editor is very slow when I edit page details or publish. Where it is worst is when I switch pages to edit. In the visual editor it’s fine.

I regularly clean up classes.

I would love to be able to clean up images that are not used.


First, I love webflow. It’s the best kept secret for building and designing (and rapid prototyping) websites & web apps. You’ve got the rolls-royce of CMS, but we have severe speed issues as well. We work on large sites with lots of pages and styles. We use the fastest Internet in LA and the latest Macbook Pros, but it still becomes so sluggish over time it can drive you mad. It’s like running cutting edge high processing video software on a 2007 macbook. #pinwheelofdeath It can create a lot of stress with my staff/partners throughout the day. We would be forever grateful for a solution.

Just a friendly suggestion, qive us a desktop version! When it’s mounted, it will be lightning fast!


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