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Webflow Designer Lagging

Not sure if it’s just me, and I’m hoping that it’s not :confused:
But I’ve noticed over the past week or so that Webflow has started to lag or become non-responsive or just moved really slooow.

It’s an online software that relies on my internet connection, and I was thinking that maybe that’s where the issue is, but among all my other web related activities, I only experience this in the WF Designer, likened to Ps or Ai when they have low cache memory.


hi @andreswaby can you provide a read-only link?

Also, ​Can you please try to reproduce the error while being logged into Webflow using Incognito mode:

It’s also been happening on other projects so I don’t think that it relates to my current project alone.
But if this is the case then maybe it could have something to do with the amount of Assets I have uploaded.
(This is just a spitball assumption from my experiences with Adobe software).

FYI: Everything goes back to normal upon browser refresh… then reverts to a lag state as time elapse

Hi @andreswaby,

I think I had the same issue happen to me a week or two ago. It was incredibly hard to do the simplest things.

I found that clearing the cache for my browser seemed to eliminate the lag.

I’d try that and see if it makes a difference.

hey @bbrazis,
I’ve done that too… will do it again.


I’m equally elated to know that I’m not loosing my marbles :laughing: :smile:

I’ve been lagged since December of last year … webflow has answered me the following:

"I have filed an issue regarding this extreme latency in the Designer. From an initial look it is most likely due to the current transition we are going through from our old code base to our new code base which should bring back great performance within the Designer. "

I agree. It’s lagging and ideally it should be able to run completely offline. Performance is a complex topic, but it really makes or breaks a product. Hopefully this is being seriously looked into…

@andreswaby @bbrazis @lucaspchara @cjroe - What are the system specs on the computers you’re using? Do you often work with multiple other tabs or desktop software running in the background?

Chrome is notoriously a RAM hog, so if you’re limited on that front (let’s say anything under 8GB) that might be attributing to some of your slowdown. If you’re on Windows, you can see a breakdown of CPU, and RAM usage under the Performance tab within the Task Manager. Next time things are running slowly I’d recommend taking a quick peek there. For reference, I have 8 tabs open in Chrome (including my “small” Webflow project), Photoshop with a handful of files open, and Illustrator with about half a dozen files open - and I’m using nearly 80% of my 8GB of RAM. When I opened my Webflow project, the RAM usage went up by .2GB.

Obviously I’m just taking a shot in the dark, and typically my projects are on the smaller side compared to some stuff I see others working on, but it’s worth discussing.

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@mikeyevin @bbrazis @lucaspchara @cjroe
I can relate wholeheartedly to your workflow overload on windows except I have 16GB RAM…
my chrome has at least 40+ active tabs (and I use all of them :laughing: )
PS and Ai are always running with multiple files open.

but the best resolve here is to do a browser refresh… CTRL+F5

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Haha no problems from me, just trying to make sure folks with lower end machines aren’t expecting Webflow to run lightning fast no matter what just because it’s in browser and not a dedicated desktop app. I will keep the refresh tactic in mind though if I ever experience issues :+1:

Also, kudos to you for not skimping on the RAM - most people don’t realize how necessary it is for running lots of applications simultaneously. My desktop machine (which is currently out of commission) is stocked up with 16GB of RAM as well and I have never ran into issues with app slowdown.

I’m running Webflow off a 16gb ram Macbook pro, and I hardly ever have any issues, but when I do, I just start closing programs and/or tabs on Chrome. Webflow just has some off days in which there are more problems than usual.

Best to be patient when it is acting up or switch browsers for awhile. The Webflow team is pretty good at fixing any issues that arise in mass.

I use the following

  • 16GB MacBook Pro,
  • 32GB Windows Desktop,
  • 16GB Surface Pro,
  • 2GB ChromeBox,
  • 4GB Chromebook

Yes… 2 and 4 GB… and Webflow runs great on them !

same here until recently. I started using OneTab

You can find it in the Google Chrome Store.

One Click and every tab in that window is consolidated into a new window
and it closes the affected tabs also.



I have been having the same problem and have reached (2) conclusions:

  1. close out and reboot

  2. If that doesn’t work then I would assume you are experiencing the lags on the weekend. This is 100% conjecture with zero inside info, but I assume that the Webflow Team saves adjustments/improvements that might slow down the editor for the weekend when there are fewer users. It just seems like 90% of the times I experience lag is Saturday morning through Sunday evening and everything is back up to speed Monday morning . Just my $0.02

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I have 8gb of ram, and even using only the chrome it still lag

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The designer is way too lag now, and I couldn’t even create a new page. So difficult to drag something out on to the right location

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the past week or so that Webflow has started to lag or become non-responsive or just moved really slooow.

Today I have the same problems. it is impossible to work. Though earlier all was OK.

Do you make any changes to the editor? Why is nothing saved and everything is terribly slow?

I have been experiencing the same issues since the start of the weekend.

Webflow Designer is severely lagging for me - but any other website or gaming online is fine.

I’m not even using the beta Designer. I wonder if it has something to do with the ‘removing old code’ that Webflow is (or might be) doing, as stated in this thread: