Webflow designer extremely slow using Safari browser

Editing our website www.cronologic.de is currently impossible, as the performance of the tool is getting worse throughout the day.

While in the morning hours from 7:00 to 9:00 CEST everything runs smoothly, in the time after that the designer is virtually unusable, because the response time of the input mask is getting longer and longer. At the same time, the CPU utilization of my computer is sometimes over 160% (see attachment). On the other hand, when I do image editing or video editing with Adobe Creative Cloud, my computer is very fast, so I assume that the cause of the problem is the Webflow servers.

Can anyone share my experience or does anyone have a suggestion for a solution?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

You should be using chrome, it doesn’t work very well with safari

I have the same issue. The Webflow designer is extremely slow in Safari. I find if I restart my computer everything works well for about 30 minutes, then it starts to get slow again. Switching between elements in the designer can take more than 5 seconds (yes, I’ve timed this numerous times.) It is extremely frustrating.

Webflow may work well in Chrome, but that’s not the answer. We shouldn’t be forced to use one browser. We’ve migrated much of our business away from Google products and don’t want to use Chrome. To @cronologic.de point, other online apps work fine in Safari. I believe it’s an issue on Webflow’s side. Wish they would provide guidance or fix this. I would imagine there are lots of people who use Webflow Designer with Safari.

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I’ve tried WF with Chrome and Safari (my preferred browser) and there is NO difference in usage speed here, Both are as fast as any another web based software.

I also have this issue. Would like to fully migrate away from Chrome to Safari but Webflow alone doesn’t seem to be performant. Element selection is 3-4 seconds. Unusable.

I think at this point Webflow would benefit from having a native Mac app, highly optimized for the Apple chip, and offload a large portion of screen and element refresh to the Mac hardware. Windows coverage would help some but id wager a very large percentage of Webflow designers are Mac users, so maybe they could start there.

Webflow is an all-day, UI intensive experience for most designers and competing for resources with the browser makes little sense to me. I admit, im not sure how well performance threading between browser tabs and browser vs desktop apps works these days.

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@Gavin_Hall - Chromium browsers offer the best performance and compatibility with Webflow’s designer. You can avoid all the Google Chrome telemetry by using Brave instead. There are other Chromium choices as well.

concurring, the editor is super slow
im using template with only 15 cms items and chaning text in a simple post is a horrendous experience

It has been this way for a couple of weeks now, beter install a chromium browser. Edge or chrome for example.