Best Browser For Webflow

Hi Community Webflowers,

Want some community feedback on what might be the best browser to get the most out of Webflow.

I use to use chrome stable but after experiencing some lagging, I downloaded chrome canary prior to @vincent 's recommendation on a thread. Still not the best experience.

Can anyone share what they use and their experiences with the other browsers?

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Hey @DesignerDiana I use both Chrome (latest version) & Safari to use Webflow as those browsers are supported for the Webflow app.

When you experience any lag within the Webflow app is it from any of the following?

  • Slower Internet Connection
  • Intermittent Internet Connection
  • Small amount of RAM (2gb or less)

I’ve never had any issues with Webflow on PC or Mac, sometimes on Chromebooks with very little RAM it ran a little slower than I’m used to but was still working fine.

Please let me know :slight_smile: also if you’re ever experiencing any issues be sure to email with as much information as possible, the team really appreciates it. :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Hey Waldo,

Thanks for sharing and reaching out :blush:! Btw, love your thumbnail pic and smileys … always cheerful to see your comments! :smile:

  • Maybe connection: paying currently 15mbps download speed … also with others(2-3) using Webflow on the same connection
  • Not intermittent
  • I have 8gb ram

Is safari or chrome a better experience for you?

Yes, I would and have made awareness to the team about designer speed issues, but I want to make sure this issue is not over at my end first … so I could save a support ticket, because they are a small team with lots to do on their hand, therefore I try to solve this with the community first so they could have more time working on matters that need immediate attention. :wink:

Your support is appreciated as well! :smiley:



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Aww thank you @DesignerDiana :smiley: I’m a pretty joyous person and am super thankful to share that with Emojis haha.

In my experience I haven’t had any issues with working in either browser but prefer to work in Chrome as I have more information/extensions/bookmarks saved.

Have you been experiencing lag during your whole time using Webflow or just recently? Any particular sites where you experience the trouble? Hope to get these performance issues resolved for you and your team very soon!

Webflow has a great write up here for trouble shooting on this subject in case it may be a connection issue:

My pleasure to help, please let me know if I can help with anything else. :slight_smile:



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Number one criteria for my team members. Gratefulness and positivity is the attitude to success! :smile:

Yes, lagging during the the whole time using Webflow … eg. dragging an element … arranging the elements on the navigator … or using shortcuts takes time to switch panels … etc.

Usually an empty site(blank page) is fine but once a page is created … that is when it starts slowing down.

I have always thought maybe it’s my internet connection because even away from my workplace … with no one else using Webflow … eg. using it at home for experimenting new techniques … the moment I start Webflow … it immediately slows down everyone else’s WIFI (I would hear non stop complaints about me hogging the internet :stuck_out_tongue:)

I created a thread and hinted it as an issue related to the below:

Reading other threads … there were suggestions that it’s related to extensions … so I downloaded chrome canary and kept it clean, but didn’t work. Then, I thought it was related to the browser, but I guess not that either.

Conclusion is internet connection.

What’s your internet connection speed?

Cheers, :beers:

Diana :smiley:

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