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WHY is it so difficult to link between collection pages?

It seems to negate the use of them?
Support why cant you add an easy option to link between collection pages ?
It forces you to create loads of static pages?
Also you say you limit the number of static pages!
What am I missing?
Im getting very frustrated wiht the platform!


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Hey @williamrowsell,

Sorry to hear you are running into some issues. Would you be able to elaborate a bit further on what you mean by linking between collection pages?

Let us know how we can help.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@williamrowsell So not sure if you mean in the CMS collection or on the page. In the CMS, highlight what you want to link, select the link icon, switch to pages and select the link.
Webflow - Milk Moon Studio 2021-05-26 at 4.22.45 PM
If you’re struggling in the designer, add a link or link block, switch to collection pages and select the link.
Webflow - Milk Moon Studio 2021-05-26 at 4.23.30 PM

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Hi Drew,
the whole point of leveraging the use of the CMS is to be able to easily link between records in a collection displaying each separate record on the page using a Next button and create a link by using a list of all the records in the current collection? You dont support this currently? You have some laborious workaround copying slug links in to each collection record!
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If you’re looking for next/previous collection item links, I’d recommend looking into Finsweet’s free CMS Library:

It involves a bit of custom code, but they have great help documentation on the page linked above and provide support for their tools on Slack for free via SweetJS

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Hey @williamrowsell,

You are correct that there is no way to easily link between CMS items with next or previous button links.

The resource that @mikeyevin shared is a great tool to accomplish this. While the feature may not be available at this time directly in Webflow, there are some great custom code plugins like this to get things done quickly.

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Can you put this on your backlog to fix then as its a fundamental principle to allow you to use collection pages? Ill be forced to use the static page workaround!

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OK thanks Ill have a look.