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Urgent help with this simple task

Hi there

Once again I am greeted by an another issue thanks to the lack of a simple action on web-flow. The design team really doesn’t surprise me anymore.

I have had to start using CMS which limits my page design thanks to the limit of pages webflow has put in place. After months of creating i have come across a issue which, either i am extremely stupid or webflow is lazy.

I need to link this which is on a normal, amazing page:

To a CMS page by link box.

For some reason i can link every other page i have ever made just not a CMS page. WWHHYYYYYYYY…


If i am right in believing webflow is lazy can i have a hand with a work around please.

Many thanks

Hi @Grant1

Can you please share your read-only link?

So I can see that you don’t have any collection list on your home page — That’s why you can’t link anything to a collection page.

Here’s a useful video:

Do not hesitate if you need more help!

Thanks but that really hasn’t helped.

When i add a collection list it adds every single CMS page in that category. But as you can see from the design i only want to add one. How can i limit the selection to one page.

This all seems extremely over the top to link a page.

I can limit pages but the page it has (Como) is not the one i want or need.

How can i just link this photo bellow to a cms page.

It surly cant be this difficult.

You want to link to a specific CMS item? Create a new field called “featured” or similiar. Then filter the dynamic list to “featured” is set/Yes.

Otherwise just manually link to it using the first button option.