Linking Dilemma: Buttons to CMS Pages

Hey everyone! I’m just getting started with Webflow and currently working on my personal portfolio site. It’s a learning curve as I’m building everything from the ground up. Naturally, I have a bunch of questions, and while many I can tackle through videos and research, there are moments where I hit a wall and could really use your insights. Hoping our exchanges will benefit the whole community.

Here’s the snag I’ve hit: I can easily link buttons on my homepage to regular pages, but linking them to a CMS page? No dice. Oddly enough, linking buttons within a CMS page to another CMS page works just fine.

As shown in the attachment, the CMS page option just doesn’t pop up when I try to link a homepage button. What am I missing here? Any ideas on why this is happening?

Thanks a bunch

There are two solutions to this:
The first solution is to add a Collection List to your page and that way you can just build out the project card once and link up the links to the page of the Current Project. This is basically the behavior you’re seeing in the second screenshot, because by designing a Collection Page Template you can reference the collection without having it wrapped in a Collection List element.

The other way to go about this is to just hardcode the link. So you would select the URL link type (the chain on the far left) and then type in the path (e.g. /projects/project-name). You can find the slug in the CMS on the details for the specific item.

Let me know if that makes sense or if you need further clarification!

Thanks for your help. I kept trying to solve it while waiting for my question to be published and discovered that I could create a static page containing a CMS collection. Initially, it seemed like only a CMS page could be opened if there was CMS involved.

Also, your second suggestion was a sound solution. I was too fixated on directing to a ‘page’ and didn’t think flexibly.

The issue is now resolved. I’m using your second suggestion and have started creating static pages with CMS. The design process is going wonderfully! It’s really enjoyable :slight_smile:

Thank you!