Linking a cms collection to a page of the site

Hello, I have a CMS Collection of 4 items.
Each Item has its own page to link to.

I do not see an area in the CMS collection to link
the CMS Collection to a page on the Site So I drop
in a Link Block and it works fine. But it brings all the
4 CMS Collection Item links to the same page.

How can I have 4 different links to the pages.
I try and drop in 4 different link blocks but that does
not seem to do the trick…

Moving on to other issues till some one can help me on this.

Hi @Michael_J_Van_Dyke,

I’m not sure to understand your question, most of the time you will get some more accurate help by sending a share link of your project to understand the context.

If you are looking to have a page with 4 links leading to the 4 different collection pages just drop in a collection list component on this page and put a link block inside the collection item.


You don’t need to put in 4 links block but only one. This way each collection item will have a link block in the collection list.

You can then set the link setting to link to a collection page and you will have the current option.


I hope this is what you are after but if not feel more than welcome to share your project to understand your problem.


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On the Home Page I have a CMS Collection of 4 items…
When each item has its one page… I want to be able to click the
CMS Items and go to the page…

I cannot assign a link and it goes to the page… I try and do a combo class but
I guess Im not skilled enough for this very simple task.

I shared a movie link

Movie Google Drive

Don’t be silly, making mistakes is what will make you skilled. :slight_smile:

Just for clarification no need to use combo classes. Classes are to assign styles to elements and styles are only visual informations. Where a link should go to on is not style but functionality.

These two more screenshots should help you get the result you want.

Your current link setting:

What you should use:

It should work and I hope it helps but to make sure to understand the principle you can always refer to the university section of Webflow. This is really great ressources and always at hand.

EDIT: Actually this should work but when you enter preview mode it works only once and then the links goes back to the default. Do you experience the same thing?

Wow, Such a Simple Solution

Thank You,


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Just to add - using a dynamic/collection list as you currently have, with links to a static page, means each collection item link will go to the same static link - The Stables at LeBocage

A different approach would be to take the content of the static pages for each of those 4, and add it into the actual collection.

Then style the ‘About Us Template’ ready to receive the data from that collection.

Then you can dynamically link those 4 tiles to the ‘Current About Us’ page.

Edit: Looks like @Maximosaurus may have solved it already !

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Yes, Its working But the pages the link is going to Ill have to restyle them but thats a easy fix…

Im new with WebFlow and Ive watched all 115 Videos more that once…
So WebFlow University is good although I feel im still in Pre-K
Hopefully I can skip First Grade and move straight to 3 Grade.


Awesome suggestion

And I like what I’m reading

But I have no clue how to do

What your suggestion

I’ve reached out to over 10

People requesting hire for pay

Not one reply.

I sorta like Webflow. But the support is great to have on the

Forum. But I really need more

Hands on.

My only understandable work around was to build a 4 column section
with linkblock to the pages I want to go to…