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Linking is way too hard

I’m no coder, not even close. I recently chose webflow over wix for the designn freedom, which has been great. That is until I am 90% done with my business site and have no clue how to link buttons in my home nav bar (which is a symbol I’ve created to be placed on all pages) to my cms collection page, to my product page, or my blog page. LOL I’m not too embarrassed to say that I am lost. I’ve watched every Uni class on this and am still not getting what to do. With wix, Linking was by far more user friendly than webflow. Is there a simple solution to this or am I going to need a coding course to grasp how to (SIMPLY) link my nav bar to the proper pages? PS the url links webflow provides for different pages are reporting as page not found when I place them in the url link box in link settings for my desired button or link text.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Cuf_Tech, welcome to the community. It will be helpful to share read-only link than we can see your code in Designer to find where your problem is.


HI Stan, I have to watch a video on this, so one sec and I will post it.
Thank you

Hi Stan,
I just posted the link

hi @Cuf_Tech you have NO pages to go to. You have to create pages to be able create a link to them

HI Stan,
What about The ecommerce pages, and my collection page? I was never given an option to make these pages regular pages they autopopulated into these fields.

Your collection page is TEMPLATE for one item in collection. Create page - add collection style it add link to detail ( this link will be to your template). Same situation will be with blog etc. than you can link you nav to these pages

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So just do this for every page even the ecommerce pages?

I’ve done it once and it workef for the Overview Cms collection. do you happen to know what the template pages are for and why they cant be accessed like regular pages ?

Thank you again STAN! I swear you made it simplier than any video. Simply put you taught me that a template page isnt an actionable page. Create a new Page and work from there in order to link your site together. Thank you so much

As I have mentioned they are templates. Let say than you create collection my blog and populate several articles. You will style this template in way HOW WILL LOOK ONE POST, then you create a new page blog and place inside collection linked to your blog collection.

Here you will style how will look summary of post. In this summary you will have link e.g read more and you will link it to current post when you click on it you will be redirected to page that is styled in your template. Hope I wrote it way you can understand how it works.

Yes Stan you have been a great help! Thank you for taking your time to help me. I was stuck.

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