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Why doesn't CMS look for photos in your Assets?

I’ve created a CMS Collection that has a custom photo field. This is just a nitpick I guess, but if I click the image icon in my Photo Custom field where it says “Drag your image here or click to browser for a file,” why doesn’t Webflow open the file window up in my project’s Assets drawer? After all, that’s where my project’s photo assets are supposed to be kept. Opening up a window into my computer’s file system kind of violates the DRY principle in the sense that it assumes you’re keeping your photos in two locations, on your local computer and in the Webflow cloud. This doesn’t seem right to me. Or am I misunderstanding how Webflow works? Thanks!

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This is the way it has been built. I believe most people see this as a shortcoming, along with the fact that there are no responsive images inside a rich text element bound to a collection.

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