Does my client have access to the media files I have uploaded?

If my client wanted to change an image on the site to one I have already uploaded, how do they get access to all the media the site has?
Is that not possible, because it seems they can only upload from their local drive. If thats the case I’m going to have to download each image in the library and send them, which seem odd.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Assets uploaded to Webflow are stored on a CDN and are publicly available at the URL that you can copy while inspecting an uploaded asset’s details. Look for the gear when hovering over one. Of course you could also inspect the element in dev tools within your browser as well.

Hey Matt,

For your purposes, yes Webflow assets storage is quite fragmented.
The way to think of it is that you have an assets store, but it can only be used by Webflow components that you configure through the designer directly.

Those assets are not accessible AFAIK through;

  • CMS items ( image fields, multi-image fields, videos… )
  • Rich text elements, even while working in the designer
  • Anything you do in the editor

There aren’t any great solutions here, as media uploaded into assets also is not accessible through the API, so you can’t auto-generate a list.

Your best bet is to do a site export to a ZIP, and grab the assets folder from there, and share them to a dropbox or gdrive folder for your client. They can locally sync it, so that the files are easily uploaded from their hard drive ( as the editor also doesn’t provide an easy upload from URL feature ).

If it’s just a small set of images they’re needing, you can get the URLs as @webdev suggests above, and give them those. Many OS file systems ( incl Windows ) support pasting a URL into the upload file path. The OS will download the image to a local cache, and then upload it through the browser to the target site.