Images uploaded in CMS Collection? - Assets?

Where are images, uploaded in a CMS collection, kept only I’ve noticed they don’t seem to be within the Assets where images are usually stored?

Additionally, if an image is deleted from a CMS collection is it automatically deleted from the system and thus not taking up space on the site?

Thank you

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Images uploaded into a CMS item is only kept in that item. They are not accessible via the Assets manager.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

This is hardly a concern. First because you’re not limited by Webflow on the space your site takes. Also, images are only downloaded when they’re needed. But the main reason is that even if the files of your website are physically gathered in a foilder on some server, the image aren’t. They’re with a ton of other images on some cloud server at amazon (look their URL). Removing an image from the CMS don’t make it disappear right away. Clouds have rules that us mere mortals don’t understand sometimes.

In short, this is not a concern.


Thanks guys. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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