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Why does Webflow not work on an iPad?

Hi there,
why does Webflow not work on an iPad?

maybe because the iPad is not pro enough?

Haha, Webflow don’t need much power, it could work on an old smartphone, if the screen would be big enough. So there’s no reason why Webflow disable saving on an iPad (everything else works fine).

Because it’s not adapted and designed for a touch interface.

But you still can try. Currently the only things that prevents you from using Webflow on a Webkit browser is the screen size and the user agent (user agent is the code browser send to servers ti identify themselves). When Webflow gets a mobile user agent code, it blocks the app to load.

On a 12.9" iPad Pro, you can use a browser app capable of faking the user agent to run Webflow Designer. It works, you can do stuff, but you quickly realize that it’s not adapted to touch surfaces. Especially when you want to move around the viewport, or move things away. There’s no concept or hover on touch devices and you forget how crucial that is to navigate inside of a UI.

I made a video 2 years ago showing the use of the Editor and the Designer on a 1st gen iPad Pro and iCab Mobile browser app.

I quite never use this possibility. Only when I’m obliged to make a quick change that cannot wait before I can access any real computer (rare).

The Editor part works quite well.

Here’s the app, a good browser for development, with many useful features:

By using the Designer on iPad, you’ll most probably do things you don’t want to and break your design, or quickly reach a dead end. It’s an interesting experiment but don’t come back and complain it broke your site, there are legitimate reason why Webflow wants to prevent you to do this. For now. :slight_smile:

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Oooookkkkk, thank you. That video helps a lot! This is really not a good way to work.

So it would be much better to buy a small laptop to work on the go.


You don’t realize how much UI efficiency relies on hover until you try to achieve production work on a touch device.

But don’t get me wrong: I’m sure Webflow on touch device is possible, I’m even sure it could be as efficient as on Desktop. But it needs to be designed for it, and that’s a lot of work, even a fair dose of innovation. I hope that the new hype around the last iPad Pro, and pro apps coming for the iPad, is going to push development of good production apps for touch devices.

I think it would be much better for Webflow, if it would be an App instead of a Web-App for iPad because of all the useful features an App would have (drag and drop, etc)