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Does Webflow work in iPad Pro?

Hello community, I was wondering if anyone has tried using iPad Pro for working with Webflow and how did that go. I was thinking of getting one to use it as a more portable option but I haven’t seen if it’s capable of doing the job. Thank you!

@Florencia - no idea if it does (my guess is no), but I would imagine it would be very slow and unreliable. A MacBook Air would be a much better option in my opinion for light / portable work.

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Welcome to the community @Florencia!

It’s technically possible to use iPad Pro as long as you’re using a mouse or trackpad, however I wouldn’t recommend using it for all of your work as it’s got some quirks and you may run into bugs/crashing. I’ve had luck making small updates when I’m away from my desktop, but I prefer a more traditional desktop/laptop experience for longer working sessions.

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I believe there is no scrolling on ipad for any panel

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Good note on the lack of panel scrolling :+1:

You can collapse all of the sections and only expand the ones you’re using at the time, but obviously this doesn’t work in every situation and it’s extremely tedious to do when your making lots of style changes.

I really wish the iPad Pro could replace the need for a laptop but unfortunately it just doesn’t give me the flexibility to work with the majority of the software I use from day-to-day.

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Webflow is designed to be used on a desktop with a browser like Chrome. It does not support tablets and thus cannot be used on the iPad. You can only use it by exploring a Remote Desktop application on the iPad.


Thank you everyone! I guess I’ll go for a MacBook Air.

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