How to get webflow working on iPad Pro

Throughout webflow updates it has changed what works and what doesn’t in iPad Pro. Right now I see posts asking to be able to use iPad. But the thing is I just want my simple functions to work on my 13 iPad Pro screen.

Right now I’m unable to copy and paste. And I’m unable to scroll the main editing page. I can literally scroll everywhere else. But these 2 functions make it impossible to edit or design a website. If I can just use a mouse and keyboard that would be enough. Also some keyboard shortcuts I wish would work. I’m just confused on how it’s too hard to implement this when it’s simple web behavior.

Could anyone please help me on being able to do these tasks. I know they started doing developer apps. Is there a way to create an app that would allow me to edit on the iPad? Any other options as well would be appreciated.

Please webflow. Make it possible to edit on the iPad. I have a $2000 m4 iPad Pro that I can’t edit on webflow. Being able to draw and create logos and svgs then bring to webflow straight from the iPad would be so awesome.

hi @Austin_Skillings

  1. You should understand that browser for mobile devices are completely different (not as complex and advance) apps from desktop browsers.

  2. ALL browsers on iOS are running on webkit and they only differentiate with GUI so eg. Chrome looks like Chrome but it is not a Chrome.

Until this will change (definitely not in near future ) you can buy Mac mini and an external monitor for a few bobs to work at home or MacBook Air to work anywhere.

Im using iPad beside standard use only for graphics (Affinity) if I need or using it as second monitor for my Air. :man_shrugging:

Sharing data between Apple devices is so simple, just send logo to your desktop Mac .

I understand the differences and I use Remote Desktop. But I notice how there is a scroll bar that you can physically grab and move on the desktop in the designer. With IPad Pro there is also a grabbable scroll bar for everything except the middle designer part where it is needed the most. I do believe all they would have to do is make it so a scroll bar is in the middle designer part like every other part in Webflow. I feel like that isn’t a hard ask in order to make it usable to edit on iPad Pro

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Completely agree. Can’t use Webflow on M4 iPad Pro purely because I can’t scroll down the page. Seems like a bug that would be simple to fix. Obviously not enough of us trying to use iPads for web development :frowning:

Ok, I will repeat it again.

All iOS devices browsers use -webkit and when you read WF doc you can see that Safari (means -webkit) is not supported.

In general, web development is not natively supported on mobile devices. Online code editors like “Codesandbox” do not support mobile development either and require the installation of a standalone app. WF does not have a standalone app and relies on a React app in supported browsers (Chrome or Firefox).

Mobile devices serve a different purpose. While it may be possible in the distant future, for now, please accept the current limitations.

I understand it uses WebKit and knew from the beginning it is different. I just think there should be a small push to implement a couple seemingly small things in my opinion. Webflow does run on an IPad. The main problem is there is no scroll bar for the design area. There is a scroll bar everywhere else except there. I feel like might be a small glitch and can easily be implemented. I’m just hoping they can push a couple of these changes out so you can use this creative device for webflow, a very creative web designing software.

I guess my main question to ask is if someone can do this 3rd party? Like the addon apps or extensions for the browser that can be installed. Is there a way to make it more compatible with an IPad through someone outside of webflow updates to fix? Just a thought since it might take awhile?