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Webflow editor or designer working on iPad/iPad Pro soon?

it would great to be able to edit or design on an iPad or iPad Pro on the go.

I’m travelling at the moment and didn’t bring my laptop, only an iPad Pro. It would great to have that option on an iPad.

Can do so many things on an iPad Pro now - write, draw, sketch, paint…but can’t blog or edit my site :frowning: I know I can blog in another app then just copy and paste. But would be nice to work directly with the CMS

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in the works now, as Webflow says its responsive and works on all platforms - just that editing part I think should be responsive also. Maybe not on iPhone for now but iPad Pro definitely.

Also, since large tablets are on the rise, maybe a 2nd tablet view being optional in the designer, so you can design for iPad Pro and for iPad or iPad mini?


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