Webflow and iPad, iPad Pro 12,9 and other tablet devices

What will it take for Webflow to work on the IPad Pro 12,9? I think it would be the perfect combo…


Probably a huge amount of hard work to port to iPad.
But would be amazing!

I want this! I doesn’t need to be an native app. It can still be a webapp. Could be a perfect companion to stationary computer. But there are great apps to make icons, photo editing and more so it could be your only tool as well.

Would love some thoughts from the staff if it’s even doable to make the designer work with touch?

it would great to be able to edit or design on an iPad or iPad Pro on the go.

I’m travelling at the moment and didn’t bring my laptop, only an iPad Pro. It would great to have that option on an iPad.

Can do so many things on an iPad Pro now - write, draw, sketch, paint…but can’t blog or edit my site :frowning: I know I can blog in another app then just copy and paste. But would be nice to work directly with the CMS

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in the works now, as Webflow says its responsive and works on all platforms - just that editing part I think should be responsive also. Maybe not on iPhone for now but iPad Pro definitely.

Also, since large tablets are on the rise, maybe a 2nd tablet view being optional in the designer, so you can design for iPad Pro and for iPad or iPad mini?

Hi @julienoora, thanks for the great wish list. I can completely hear you on this. I cannot say how soon it will be for editing of Webflow sites on the go, there are probably a couple of items here to look at:

  1. Editing sites in the designer on a tablet
  2. Editing sites in the CMS editor on a tablet

Right now, I would expect that the ability to create a custom breakpoint for ipad horizontal view will come before it is possible to edit the site using an iPad. Stay tuned, more breakpoints are coming :slight_smile:


Hi All, I think this is a necessity for Webflow moving forward. Especially on the client side - having the ability to use the CMS on iPad would be excellent. I have a couple of clients that don’t own a desktop or laptop, just iPads and phones.

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AWWW YEAAAA, that’s what many of us have been wanting/waiting for!!!

Do we have an update on when more breakpoints are coming? @cyberdave


I think just to have the ability to add new items into CMS via iPad or iPhone would be really great…

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Any updates yet on iPad (pro) support for webflow ?
Would also be great business USP for your targeted audience of creative people, as you would be more or less the only service providing this comfortlevel.
Also: Multilingual support !!!

Personally I would never work with Webflow on a iPad however some clients might do some CMS editing/adding.

Designing a site on an Ipad – probaby not. The screen is too small.

But editing a site, incl. collections/blogging would be a must. Clients/site owners can do this in other platforms easily, so Webflow CMS should have this ability!

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This is totally expected to work on iPad Pro at least from a site builder company.

A lot of work and complete re-foundation of the UI. It seems simple, but it’s not.

I have succeeded running Webflow Designer and Editor on iPad 13". Editor is funny, useful, not ideal but usable.

Designer… it’s another story. Dragging UIs is not an easy thing to do and when you face it you realize tat most of the concepts of the UI won’t work for a touch based UI. It’s difficult to do anything: focus on a piece of Ui, entering values, dragging anything…

A lot has to be made for touch UI and, IMHO, a lot rest to be invented.

If you consider a bunch of the most serious pro apps such as:

**Adobe Comp, Procreate, LR mobile, Autodesk graphics, Luma Fusion ** (other Adobe apps are FAR from being full featured and pro)

They all made progress on the touch UI but there is a lot of improvements to be one still. Some have very modern concepts of UI, like Procreate, some stick to what we know on desktop, adapted for touch, like Graphics.

But in short: they all suck, big time. They all require so many taps to get where you want, they have long, nested menus, advanced gestures have to be learnt, their UIs are not at all intuitive (all the manuals have a ton of “secrets” which speak for itself). No pro apps on touch make you feel you’re really productive. You’re only productive when your tool is set and you’re drawing, for example.

So a touch Webflow version… I don’t know how I could feel productive with it at present time, even if it was well tuned for touch as the previously mentioned apps. UI is a crucial point, a huge reason why Webflow is good.

Maybe there are good UI ideas in Adobe Comp, but the app has a very limited set of features.

I’m very interested in pro apps on tablets :slight_smile: They come slowly, and it’s a hard path.