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Work with the new iPad Pro

Hello, there,

I have a problem. I bought a new iPad Pro. I can log in to my Webflow Acount and see all my projects, but if I call one it will not be loaded. This happens with Google Chrome. With Safari I can call it but it comes up the message it cannot be saved… What can I do


Hi @Ny2002

Webflow does not support tablet devices and is designed to be used on a desktop with either Safari or Chrome.

You can use other browsers but support is not offered for those as yet.

I hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

This might not be a great option for you, but you can explore a Remote Desktop application on the iPad. I often leave my MacBook Pro connected to Ethernet (wake on lan and screen sharing) and use Jump Desktop to get at applications my iPad Pro can’t handle.

I do this when I don’t need speed and efficiency, or when I’m too lazy/stubborn to grab the laptop 15 feet away.

I really love the portability and power of the 2018 iPad Pro. Just waiting for more “design” apps to appear. Like many others, I’m exploring mockups/wireframing versus super fast design in WebFlow.

Webflow team for the love of god, please finally unlock this on iPads, webflow works just fine with touch on any android tablet, so why not on an iPad? Give us a warning that it is not supported if you must but let us use it. Would safe us a huge headache…



iPad Pro support is a must.

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What?? This doesn’t work on Ipad? Webflow, this works by default on my android devices. You literally have to TRY to get this to not work! If you’re concerned about touch interface not working, just give us a little disclaimer, don’t shut it off for ipads! I understand Ipads are not ideal for work in many ways, but take the ipad pro for example. The thing is overpowered with sufficient screen real estate to work in. Just let us use this please. Using a remote desktop app is just a sad workaround!


I totally agree. At first I thought that Webflow doesn’t work on tablets at all, but reading this thread I learned that Webflow works on Android devices! What? Can someone please explain why not on iPad, especially iPad pro? Please…

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I would be also happy if it would start supporting iPad pro (with keyboard and touchpad).