When I change 1 page in the collection, other pages changes as well

I have bought a template for the portfolio website. It contains a collection with portfolio cases and each case has a separate page/ But when I change the page directly some designs. It changes on other pages of the collection as well and I don’t know how to change it.

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Correct, the collection page is a template page.

All unbound items ( white ) are the same on all pages.
All bound items ( purple ) are connected to specific CMS item fields.

If you want a piece of text or a photo to be different on each page, it needs to be stored in a CMS field, and then bound to an element on the page.

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Thank you for the answer Michael!
The only problem is, that I can not add anything to my CMS, So I added it, White… And I have the CMS subscription… I don’t know what to do/ I bought the template specifically to save my time, and now I can not even edit it in the way I need

hi @Anna_Zabuha as @memetican mentioned “collection page is a template page” this mean that project page design is only one and only contain different data . Your description is too verbose to understand what you trying to do. Is always beneficial to be familiar with what WF can do and what not, but this is like with everything else. :man_shrugging:

The best way to get help is to follow the forum post guide that is pinned on top of each section, if you have missed it here they are.

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Meaning you already have 30 fields in your CMS collection?
You’ll need to do some redesign work to reorganize that.

I’d have to take a deeper look to suggest anything further.

Your issue may stem from a shared element across pages. Check your CMS setup or template structure for linked elements causing unintended changes.