CMS collection applying across all item pages

Hi! I’m currently creating a portfolio, and I’ve been enjoying using the CMS collection to organize all my contents. However, when I try to add additional let’s say a section or container, it applies to all other pages (my other projects). How can I separate or not apply to other project pages? I only want to apply the changes in one specific project and not others. Please help me out!
Thank you!

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Hello Eunhye, without a readonly project link it’s not possible to see what you’re trying to do.
Instructions are at the bottom of your post.

However in general it sounds like you’re confused about how to use collection pages. A collection page is always 100% the same for all of the items ( “projects” in your case? ), EXCEPT for the content and styles you bind to your CMS.

This lets you keep some parts of the page the same for all of them ( navigation, footer, contact us… ), and other parts different for each item ( project name, project description, project photos… )

Hi Michael!
Thanks for your response.
Is there a way to separate? I don’t want to 100% the same for all of the items…

I still cannot see what you are trying to do.

The point of collection pages is that they give you a uniform page structure for similar pages- recipes, blog posts, executive bios, products…

In a few cases people want more variation across those layouts, such as Projects. You might want a video, or a photo gallery, for example. There, you use conditional visibility and make heavy use of the rich text element to create more dynamic content layouts.

If you want to take that even further, you can use the technique below. However I very rarely need it, even in complex page designs.