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Editing individual CMS collection pages

Hi. I am super new to Webflow and i’m trying to build my portfolio. I used the 21 day portfolio course to get started.

During the course, I created a CMS collection for projects thinking that as I finished more projects to include in my portfolio, I could add them to the CMS collection and edit each page individually.

What I didn’t realize was that I wrote my entire first case study in the collection pages template, so upon adding a new project to my collection, that newly added project page had all of the information from that first case study I wrote.

I have NO idea how to edit the pages individually (or if I even can edit them individually).

Basically I thought that the CMS collection would just create each page for me and display the project information and then I would be able to edit and add unique content to each page.

Somebody please tell me that this is the case and I can edit them individually :sweat_smile:


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