Edit different information in CMS collection pages

I’m a bit confused how to work with the blog post template that came with my purchased theme from webflow. I’ve used one of the given example posts to build my case study and I was about to change another example post but it was synced with my case study work. If I tried to change it, it would change my original case study as well - which I really do not want to do. Can anyone help me with this?

I want to keep the format of the blog post examples but apply my own information separately and does not sync with other posts.

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Oh sorry, this is my first time on the forum but here it is:


and yes, I have reviewed all the CMS related tutorials and I’m still having troubles.

You basically used the works template as a static page. Since a collection has a limited set of fields most people use a Rich Text Field as the primary content field for a collection item. Of course you have limited design choices then. You could try to break up the content in sections using multiple rich text fields. Another option would be to just use pages. Not an issue unless you would be maxing out the 100 allocated per site. At least with pages you can add any elements you want and have full control over styling and interactions. Not the case with content in Rich Text fields / elements. This is a major weak point in Webflow.

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Oh… I had a feeling I would have to utilize Rich Text Field or either pages. I really enjoy the colour coordinated titles for each collection item, do you know how I could replicate that with pages? Would I have just have to make a link text/button and connect all the pages (case studies) according to place?

First a page can have a collection list filtered to only one collection item. So it is possible to have some elements bound as they would be in a collection template.

As for linking that would need to be manual or you could add the “slug” path of a static page to a field in the collection and then render a list with links wherever you wanted. So you could have a “dynamic” menu list for example. If you ever updated the page slug those hard coded links would break. This is a minus of this approach.

Personally I mostly build using static pages as the Collection item rendering is too limiting. I am use to having page templates, category templates, section templates, etc. Since I don’t get those in Webflow I use pages and never build sites that will hit the limit of 100 static ones.

I too think I should build my case studies as static pages rather than the Collection item now. The idea of it sounded so good but what a shame. Would I have to copy and paste all the information that I have written in my collection item page to a static page now or is there a way I could transfer everything at once? Thank you so much for your responses by the way!

No there isn’t and pasting into Rich Text leads to compatibility issues (frequently does not work).

You are welcome. Have a nice day!