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What plan do I need for my situation?

Hello, I need to make a website for a client, which has about 7 static pages, no CMS.

I am a bit confused on what plan I should do, site plan or account plan.

I do have my own hosting, and already have the custom domain, so I assume I should get the account plan to have the ability to export the code, is that correct?
Also, if I go with the account plan, am I limited in the number of pages I can design on the website/project? Do I also need to add a site plan even though I have my own hosting account somewhere else?

@intensero welcome to the forum! In your case, an account plan should be fine. To be clear: you’ve got hosting and a domain name with another company, right? That’s where you’re planning on hosting the website you’ve made in webflow?
If that’s correct, then an account plan is all you need. A site plan is like hosting, really. It allows you to publish a website to a custom domain on webflow’s servers.

Understood, thank you so much @sarahfrison

You’re welcome! :+1: @intensero