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Do I need an account plan, a site plan or both?

I recently helped my niece sign up for Webflow so that she could develop a site. She described her requirements: her site will only have a few pages and wouldn’t need a CMS, so I thought that a Lite plan would do the trick. So I bought it.

But now, she wants to publish the site she developed to her own .com domain that she bought through GoDaddy. It took me some time to figure out that for that, she seems to need a separate Site Plan, while what I bought was an Account Plan? I’m confused.

  1. To put her pages on her custom domain, she needs a separate Site Plan, correct? That’s the only reason you need a Site Plan?
  2. Can you have a Site Plan and no Account Plan? If so, what is that you can’t do?
  3. Or can I convert my Account Plan into a Site Plan?

Is there some other way to get the pages she built onto her custom domain? Say, host it outside of Webflow and export the Webflow project, then upload it?

Please tell me what my options are.

Kind regards,
M. Panhuijsen

If your niece just need to develop (and publish/ host) one website, all she needs is a site plan. The siteplan without CMS would be the Basic Site Plan.

Account plans are for developers that are going to design more than one website/ are working on different projects. A site plan also provides more pages etc. than the free account.


You should contact webflow support to have it sorted. They are probably able to change the plan for you.