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Is the account plan required for creating one website with multiple pages?

Hi Guys,

I’am new to Webflow and I have some questions regarding the pricing plans. It is kinda confusing to be honest. So what I need is 1 website with multiple pages (more than 5) with CMS functionality. So obviously I will need a “site plan with CMS” which is priced at $16,- a month.

But my question. Do I also need an payed “account plan lite”? Because I have a website with multiple pages (more than 2). Or does the site plan cover my needs?
And if I need an Account plan do I only need it for creating / coding my website and can I dismiss this account plan and continue with only the site plan after everything is designed…

Looking forward to your reply’s.

Hi @smaac, welcome to the Webflow community :wave:

FYI: Site is the same as Project

You will only ever need one Account plan, this can be free if you only need two sites or less, or you need the extra features. You can add an Account plan later on if you decide to. You can also still use client billing with just the free Account plan.

The 2 page limit you’re referring to is if you don’t have a Site Plan. Once you add the CMS site plan to your site, you can design with 100 static pages, and add the custom code embed if needed as well.

In your case, you can simply add the Site plan, and that will be enough.

Here is a more in-depth description:

To clarify, there are two different types of plans: Account Plans and Site Plans.

Account Plans are for you, the designer, and they do not include hosting or the ability to connect a custom domain.

Site Plans are hosting subscriptions, which are sold one-per-site, and they allow you to connect a custom domain, but they do not include code export features.

Account Plans include Free, Lite, Pro, and Team plans. These give you access to your Webflow account, your dashboard, and the Designer. Our Free plan is free for everyone, forever, and includes all of the tools you will need to get started with Webflow! At the very least, you will need a Free account plan to begin designing with Webflow.

Site Plans without Ecommerce include Basic, CMS, and Business. These allow you to publish your site to a custom domain, receive more form submissions, and collaborate with our powerful CMS tools such as the Webflow Editor. You will need a Site Plan for any website that you want to connect to a custom domain.

Site Plans with Ecommerce include Standard, Plus and Advanced. These plans include features from the non-Ecommerce plans, with the addition of Ecommerce functionality.

Depending on your Account Plan, you can have a limited number of unhosted projects on your Dashboard. You are allowed to have an unlimited number of Webflow-hosted projects on your dashboard (websites for which you have purchased a Webflow Site Plan). On the Free Plan, you may have two unhosted projects. On the Lite Plan you may have ten unhosted projects. On the Professional and Team Plans, you can have an unlimited number of unhosted projects.

Hi MagicMark,

Cool name you got there :wink: . Thanks for your quick reply and extensive explanation. Especially the part I’ve quoted below made everything clear. Couldn’t find this info on the webflow website elsewhere.

Haha, thanks. MagicSteve was already taken so… :man_shrugging:

It’s in the FAQ’s, but I agree it could possibly be clearer for first time users.


Account Team Plan:

Do I need to pay addtional Hosting Fees? (to publish a site to a custom domain)

Hi magicmark,

Let’s say I have two businesses and I want both to be hosted in Webflow and both to have CMS features. Does that mean that I have to pay for two different CMS plans?

Is there another alternative?

Hi @AliciaBaquero

You will have one account plan (if you have more than 2 projects) and then two site plans for your CMS sites. So yes, you will need two CMS plans, one for each project.

Hope that helps.

Hi there,
I have a quick question here. I have a free plan running now, and I have made a website with it. But now i want to add more pages in it so if i take a plan now that will help me add more pages in my website. But i need to design only one website, so if i take a one month plan now and design those pages and it would work fine for one month. After one month will my website be live with all the pages available even if i dont pay for the next month?

I am waiting for your reply.

Usman Sayed