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Designer mode with free account & site plan

Hi! I have a question to which I can’t find a very precise answer: if I have a single project hosted with the CMS site plan and a FREE account, do I have access to the Designer mode and to all the same features than with a paid account? Or do I have to pay both hosting + an account plan for this? (I should point out that the project has about fifteen pages).

And what happens if I transfer a website I built (fifteen pages) made with a paid account plan to a free Webflow account (which has a 2 page limit) in order to connect it after to a CMS site plan on this free account, will it work ?

Thanks !

Site hosting and your account are different things. For the site to be fully functional and for you to be able to work on it you should purchase a site plan and that’s it. After you transfer CMS site to a free account you will have to purchase site plan for that transferred site and it will work as expected - with fully functional Designer.

Thank you very much for this quick, clear and precise answer! That confirms what I had more or less understood but I needed to be sure before proposing this process to my client.

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