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What name servers do I use?

I saw a similar post asking the same question and it was recomended to refer to this page:

However, that talks about setting up C and A records, not name servers. Normally the name servers look like this:

What do we use for Webflow?

also, where in Webflow do we enter this info? I don’t see a place to do this.

Thank you

@georgep Webflow is not hosting DNS, so you should do that somewhere else, like your Domain register or 3rd parties like Cloudflare, Once you have DNS set up somewhere you create your webflow A records and cName

@georgep You just need to use the default name servers from wherever you purchased your domain. Then in the hosting section of your Webflow project, take the A or CNAME info Webflow gives you and input that back at your DNS (where your domain was purchased).