Possibility to have a custom domain for my webflow account

Is there a possibility to have a custom domain for my webflow account?

I mean that every new project I create in webflow and publish it will have a URL like this:
my-subdomain.mydomain.com ?
it can be very useful as I have to show my clients the project in stages, and I would prefer it to be under my domain for a branding reasons.

Hi, you can add a custom domain using a CNAME record, pointed at proxy.webflow.com. You just give the sub-domain in your CNAME record update to whatever you want to use, for example, if you are creating a CNAME record with your DNS service, you can create “projects.mydomain.com” and then in Webflow, you just add the new sub domain in the Custom Domain panel in site settings to match what you updated in the CNAME record at your DNS name provider “project.mydomain.com”.

You must already be using a Custom Domain with Webflow with a main domain, before you can setup a sub-domain.

Check out the documentation at:


Step 4 tells about the sub-domain …

Cheers !

Ok Cyberdave,
But would a connecting new project that i create in webflow with the sub domain cost as normal custom domain or it is free?
the hole reason for me to do this, is that i can show my claients the wbsite under my project-name.mycustomdomain.com while i’m working on it, insted of project-name.webflow.com

Hi, you just pay the price for the main custom domain on the site. The sub-domain you create for the site is no additional charge. Cheers

A video going through this process would be much appreciated.

  1. Setting up your main domain.
  2. adding a new project with a sub. etc

Thanks FBM, we are in the process of updating our help docs and videos, and there is a video in the works on custom domain setup.

Thank U Cyberdave for your quick answer and as FBM said:

A video going through this process would be much appreciated.

Let me ask this. “Sub Domain”

I have the custom domain in place and working. “A records in place”

When I created a new project I did this.

  1. Created new project eg → 12934.webflow.com
  2. Went and created a new cname to point to new project as a sub domain → 12934.customdomain.com → points/resolves to → 12934.webflow.com

I am missing a step somewhere as it throws a 404 on webflows server.

Any help is appreciated.

I have the same problem…
something is not clear here maybe u can show us step by step how to do it?

I figured it out… Give me just a bit, I will post a tutorial.

@Poker - Who is your domain registrar?

My registrar domain is big company from israel, which i dont think u know, but i think i could understand how to do it from your tutoriel.
Thank you in advance for the guide

Totally forgot about this post…

I will create a video of a new domain and sub domain in the next coming days.

For now:

  1. If you have’t created the domain you want for your custom, go create a new site. If you have, login to your dashboard and navigate to your “sub domain”.
  2. Go to “Custom Domains” in the LEFT column “YOU ARE NOT CHARGED FOR SUB DOMAINS”
  3. Add your custom domain like “subdomain.mydomain.com
  4. Click “Add Domain”

OK, that is the easy stuff.

Here’s where I had a brain fart.

Go to where you registered you domain name.

Login and look for DNS settings…

If you can’t find it, Best to do this:

Google → Add cname record for “your place you registered the domain name”. So if I registered at say Godaddy… I would google:

Add cname value Godaddy

Once you get in to where you need to do your cname values.

Add your sub-domain like you have it in step 3…

In the sub-domain box/text field

add – > “subdomain”

In the IP Address or Target Host

add – > proxy.webflow.com

Click ok or confirm or whatever to commit… Sometimes you can only hit enter.

Give it time to propagate and should be all good.

Please note:

Your main domain name should have 2 records with A records -

IP Address or Target Host

Post soon

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