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[Resolved] Setting up a custom domain

I am wondering what to change at my registrar. They are asking what nameservers to use to point to you and you have not identified this. Can you please let us know which nameservers to place so that we can change it at the registrar and host our site as well as DNS and mail with you?

Hi @dwatts, At the moment, Webflow does not provide nameservers. Generally the way it works, is that the Domain Name Service provider where the domain was purchased, should have nameservers that you can use. You point the DNS settings for your domain to point to Webflow by adding a couple of A Records and one CNAME record.

If you need mail services, you would get that also from your DNS provider or other third party mail server.

Here is our hosting instructions:

Got it all taken care of. Thank you for your help!

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