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New Domain - Help My Sanity

Sorry to post a similar topic again. I want my 1&1 hosted domain to lead to the webflow site. I tried following the site tutorial but it just DOES NOT work.

The ‘ALIAS’ set up, is that that given to my 1&1 site, and is it the one they give, or my own webflow?

Additionally for the A Record it says that one is not valid, but one is. On top of this the webflow site address says it’s all ok, not giving me the entry points for the data on the webflow side.

Help please :frowning: seems simple but I’m going crazy!

Hi there, some domain name services only allow you to up date one A record at a time, so it might not accept the second one if it is expecting an ipv6 ip as the second entry. So just put the one A record in.

Then, check your CNAME setup in 1&1, see the instructions here:

The host name to use a CNAME record in 1&1 is

Also check out the Webflow custom domain setup document as a reference:

Save changes and wait up to 24 hours but most times less. You also need to activate the custom domain for your site in Webflow.

Try that and get back if still issues. Cheers, Dave