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Connecting Google Domain to Webflow Site

Having a hard time… every time I try it is not working… HELP I need to launch ASAP

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I was going to whine and complain and hope someone comes along and gives me the answer since I’ve never done anything like this before … but I decided to roll up my sleeves and figured it out my own - I’m so proud of of myself!

For Google Domains under DNS settings, there’s the section “Custom Resource Records”. That’s the only thing you change. You enter both A Records and CNAME there.

The webflow support page cyberdave linked you to, there’s a step 3: update DNS settings. Enter those values into the “Custome Resource Records” section on google domains.

Edit: I removed my screenshot that was here because it has my email address. If I manage to edit it I’ll re-upload it. Just follow my directions in the post.

Type A = A Records

For the first bar (from the left, where you put in information). Leave both entries for A blank (that’s saying there’s no prefix like “www” for your URL, i.e. it’s what I think is called the naked URL so versus For the single CNAME entry put “www” in the first bar.

For TTL set it to 1h for A Records and 1d for CNAME.

For the fourth bar that you enter information (“IPv4 address” / Data) enter the values given at the Webflow support page, that is:

For the two A entries put one per entry:

For the single CNAME put:

You should have three entries total.

The two google support pages that cyberdave linked shows example of what the entries should look like (albeit not on their Google Domains interface).

Here’s my website:


Hi @Aperion, thanks so much for the updated instructions, that really helps a lot :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

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