What Access for freelancer for SEO

Hi all, I am having someone from UpWork audit and fix errors for a client of mine. I am trying to add them as a collaborator, but that doesn’t give them access to the designer unless I give them admin access, correct?

And my understanding if I give them Admin access, they will have access to my other client projects?

What is the best way to give them access to a few hours of work without giving them control of the full account? Thank you!



Not many options.

If the site is not yet live, with a hosting plan, you could setup a free workspace and move the site there, and invite them. However, features like custom code and the ability to add pages > 2 won’t work on the starter plan, so they can’t make changes there. If you do this, of course clone the site first in your own account as a backup. Best practice.

If the site is live, then you can’t move it without interrupting hosting, and you’re stuck inviting them to whatever workspace it’s in.

In general if you use the approach of “setup a workspace for each client”, and migrate/host sites there, then you are probably safer as you just have the one site. Again, make a copy, transfer it to your workspace for safekeeping.

Enterprise plans I believe have more granular control over what they can access, but I’m not sure exactly what that means. Ideally, you’d be able to set folder-specific access rights for invitees.

Thank you for your reply. The site it live and looks like I will have to “trust them” to not mess with my other stuff or snoop around.

Hey @Webflow, this seems like a feature yall should add! :slight_smile: