How to let Upwork freelancer work on my project

I have built a first version of my Website that I was running on Wordpress in Webflow.

But I have reached the end of my webdesign knowledge, and for a few final fixes, I want to hire a webflow designer on Upwork.

How can I give that person access to my project, so that they can make those changes, without giving them access to my account (sending them my username / password)?
There is this collaboration feature, but this only seems to work with the editor, but he needs access to the designer.

In WP, I would just create a new account, this doesn’t seem to be possible in Webflow.

Thank you.

Currently there is no way to do this without adding a team plan $42 per user. So you’d have to shell out $84 for a month to give them designer access.

I really wish there were a way to do this but apparently this is the only option. I have the same issue a lot as well.

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Ok, thank you for the answer. I guess this is the end of my webflow experiment :slight_smile:

You can give him your password and change it later (“bad solution” - but works fine if you know this freelancer).

Another weird way is to duplicate site (or page) - Transfer project (to freelancer user) - freelancer finish --> transfer back. Be carefull with this idea (do not transfer the original site) - also “bad” solution but could work in some cases.

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