Client wants access to designer

I made a website for the cafe I work in using Webflow. They want access to the project, how can I do this without giving them my Webflow login details. I’ve been looking at the different options. They could make a free Webflow account and I transfer the project, but then I won’t have access anymore. If I duplicate the project first, do both versions effect the published site? Another option is the new teams feature, but that costs more money and I don’t think they’ll want to pay it. I could also transfer the project to them and then they could give me their login details since they would only be using Webflow for that one project.

It’s kind of confusing deciding what the best thing to do it. So any advice would be very welcome.


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They can get a workplace plan and add you to it.

Nope. Only the transferred would.

Webflow Workspaces are provided as the solution, not sharing the clients login.

Ok, thank for the reply. I’m just not sure that they will be happy about paying for the workspace plan

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A good practice is to design in your own account and give preview access to the client in staging. When the site is ready to go live with a hosting plan (and the client has paid you), you create a Webflow free account for the client and transfer the site (after you have made a duplicate/clone on your own account). If the client wants you to do maintenance work on the published site they will need to add a workspace seat for you at $49 to give you designer access

Isn’t a free Webflow account limited to sites with only two pages? If I transfer a published site with more than two pages what will happen? Also, couldn’t the client just give me the the login to their account rather than paying for a workspace seat for me? They won’t be using their account for anything else anyway so privacy is not an issue and they can make the login something non personal.

It will have the contents of the transferred site.

They could. But then you could do whatever you wanted and that puts them at risk. Also if changes were made there is no way to determine who made them.