My client want's designer rights to do some smaller changes by himself

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My Client wishes to have designer rights so that they can implement smaller changes by themselves since they don’t want to bother me for smaller stuff which in exchange, has to wait sometimes 1 week or longer. The editor right don’t help them alot since they can’t do a lot with those rights. Where can i give my client designer rights?


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The typical approach is-

  • Setup a workspace account for them
  • Migrate their site to them
  • Setup a hosting plan and move the domain over
  • Give your own account workspace access

In this configuration;

  • They have full designer access
  • You have full designer access
  • They pay for hosting themselves directly to Webflow
  • Their workspace can be free
  • Your workspace must be Freelancer or Agency
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How do you go about adding hosting plans when you do this? Do you just tell them to login and set up the hosting plan themselves with their card details? Also do you use their email to set the account up and tell them to send the verification email to you?

I’ve been trying to figure out the path with least friction for clients and it’s a bit of a pain tbh

Can’t answer those questions actually, I host all of my clients sites directly within my own account, because none of them need designer access.

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yeah it’s a bit annoying but at the same time a good thing because i do this part-time after work and sometimes it sucks to do smaller stuff which still takes some time.