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Let’s say that I’m working on a website for my client , he has a car show room
Selling cars and it’s a simple website , ok now I finish the website and I’m selling him webflow hosting let’s say (30) per month and 20 go to webflow and 10 to me , but he asks me that he wants to edit the website himself , but the website tá in my account where I Have more websites for clients , what is the solution for him to have access to the website ? If I transfer the website for another account of him will he have access to the hosting information ? Will his edits publish ?
If anyone can clarify me I will be very happy , have a good day :blush:

If you set up CMS Hosting, you will be able to give your client an Editor login.

He will not have access to project settings, but he will be able to log in and edit content on the page. Additionally, you can restrict access to any element that you do not wish for him to have edit access to :slight_smile:

Amazing even if I don’t integrate cms making the website ? And how do I create this login for him , sorry to bother you and thanks for the previous information

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Check this out mate : https://university.webflow.com/article/intro-to-the-editor

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Correct, your client will be able to edit any text element that you haven’t locked down. So you will need to specifically lock anything that you do not want your client to be able to edit. As long as it’s on the CMS plan, you don’t need to actually utilise CMS Collections in the project - the Editor is a separate entity.

If your client requests full access to the website (Designer access, that is), this is currently not possible unless you either give him your password or transfer the website to an account he owns, and then he gives you his password accordingly.

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thank you so much for the answer, just one more question because im confused, but if I invite then “1 collaborator” in the editor in my settings, which login details will he use to log in? because if I give him my log in then he can have access to all my work , which is all nested in the same account

Your client would login using the email address that you enter (your client’s) in order to invite them. The first time they log in using their email address, they will be prompted to create an account of their own (which does not give them Designer access).

Try it out yourself with a test email address! :slight_smile:

As @Andy_Vaughan mentioned, your client would use his email address to login. Also this access is at “Project” level, not “Webflow account” level, so he would only see and be able to edit the site you give him access to.