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Website To/do-lists etc


Does anybody here have something to recommend when it comes to laying down notes, ideas, structure, log-in details etc for website projects?

At the moment I put all information into a text document in TextEdit where i categorize everything e.g “Log-ins”, “General Ideas”, “To/do”, “Site structure” etc.

While I also sketch down wireframes on papers, I feel often that my documents become unorganized and cluttered and I lose a bit of overview of the contents of the document. So I’m looking for something that can make this a bit more tidy and organized.

Anyone got something?

There is quit a few project management apps that may help.

I use It’s simple to use and has some very useful feature like, email reminders, tracking your time for billing and Task list templates (I use the feature a lot for video production). It’s also very affordable for one person or a small teams $5 a month per user. Also has Google Drive, Drop Box and Ever Note integration.

Here are a few other online project management solutions (Free!) (Free!) (Looks pretty cool)

At our agency we use Asana. it also have all kinds of integration with dropbox, calendar, Harvest and so on.
One great ability it has is to make a project that you can share with your customer for collaboration.
You can also upload your paper wireframes as images in to projects. Maybe Invision can be suitable for wireframing also.
Good luck finding the right tools for your workflow :smile:

Thanks a lot guys!
Freedcamp is exactly what I need!

Another question. Do you have a good (preferably free) tool for making visual sitemaps or flowcharts to organize the contents of a website?

I want to visualize something like this in a way of a diagram or arrows or anything instead of a general list of text:


  • Intro
  • Bla bla
  • We kick ass


  • Cars
  • Pillows
  • Candy


  • Testimonials
  • Bullcrap
  • Horsebacks

Found this, but requires pay:
But I want to find something similar to this, but for free.

EDIT: Found this. Seems cool. Looks like its fully integrated with Google Docs and Drive:

Free and pro versions. Flexible styling. Works with Evernote. People also apparently publish and share templates to jumpstart different types of projects.