Project Management Software Suggestions

Hi guys,
Does anyone here have recommendations/experience in using project management softwares with the following features?
(I saw that this topic was already discussed before but I got some quite special requiremenets which I can not find) If anybody’s has any suggestion would be very much appreciated! Thanks u all

  • Cloud based with possibility to download desktop version for both Mac and Windows.

  • Possibility to use calculations/formulas

  • Track time for each project

  • Allocate time for each task and distribute it throughout each day depending on the number of work hours x day

  • Can help to follow up leads and projects

  • Can be combined/linked with a good CRM System in later stages

  • Can be combined/linked with a good RFQ System in later stages

  • Allows to have multiple English languages (such as Chinese for example)

  • Budget: 20 to 40 USD x month

Hey @AlexAP,

I can’t recommend a specific tool that will absolutely cover all of this.

But I think Asana or Jira would be a good bet. Im building a kit resource tool here, I have a few other tools listed you could compare under the management tab.