Website Flowchart

In your professional experience and opinion what is the best software/tool to develop a website flowchart? I met with a client today and I really want to start showing flowcharts prior to building the site out. This way we are on the same page for how they want the site design to flow.

What do you guys use that you like? I am a graphic designer too (but aren’t we all now?) so I could create it in excel, AI, Photoshop, etc. but I am looking for a tool that does this easily and fast.

Any suggestions, best practice or advice is needed.

Thanks Ahead!

Sean this seems to be realy nice lots of pro agency’s working with it.
Haven’t worked with it myself but about to buy it for a big project im working on

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thanks @uzzer , that option seems great but pricey. Have you used them in the past?

Balsamiq is one of the main programs for wireframing, mockups and sitemaps etc. Not used myself though.

I have been using Axure and I am using it even this day, but for wireframing only. I’ve never done any flowcharts. Another option which comes to my mind is

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