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Project Management Software Recommendations

Hi guys!

I wanted to ask if anyone in here uses Project Management software that you really like? I have a small team and we are exploring options. Ideally it would be:

  • Simple (not over bloated with features we’d never use)
  • A board or list of current projects
  • Each project has an area you can file upload assets. And the ability to categorize the assets as well would be a plus, eg. logos, backgrounds, icons, etc

Look forward to hearing back on how you guys combine Webflow with Project Management! Thanks!


The one I often use within a team is Asana. It has simple to use features and a beautiful interface. The free version is also very generous and broad enough to get to grips with the app before committing to anything.


Hello @justin_c

In my company we use Asana as @WillNeeteson mentioned, we also use Trello and these last few days came across Monday

From those three I have to say that I love Asana because it has everything we need to manage projects, tasks, assignees, etc.


I like Function Point project management tool, it serves as an aggregate for our production, sales and accounting divisions. The Function Point staffs are very helpful and exceedingly pleasant.

Few of its features are:
• Campaign Management
• Collaboration
• Document Management
• File Sharing
• Project Management
• Task Management
• Time Tracking

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We tried Asana, Trello, and Basecamp and unfortunately, they didn’t meet our expectations, because there always was a lack of features and necessity to use two tools to manage tasks efficiently. It forced us to make our own software, which now is available to use for other teams: it’s HeySpace that combines Slack and Trello features t .

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Have you checked out In this software you can do almost anything. Job boards, where you can add files, and assign them to your team, you can send contract, emails and forms to your clients, you can create workflows, so the software do you job for you, you got invoicing and proposals and accounting there too… and all your customers can get their own user portalt where they can see everything assigned to the project… from mails, forms, apointments… all sorts of things. It takes a little effort to set it up, but when it’s done, it runs really smooth

We’ve tried a lot of different ones and have recently settled on ClickUp.

  • It’s simple to use and allows you to choose the features you want to use and hide everything else - very customizable.
  • It has board, list and box views that you can switch between.
  • You can also upload assets and use tags to categorize them.

The free forever plan has unlimited users, projects & spaces with 100MB storage or you can upgrade for unlimited storage if you need it.

Other ones I thought worked well are ProofHub and TeamWork Projects.


I use AirTable and just adopt it to my workflow…

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