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Freelance Project Management Apps

I’ve used a ton of different project management apps in agencies as well as freelance. Back in the day I was a Basecamp user, but the product doesn’t really fit my needs anymore (and as a freelancer it can be difficult to justify the cost). I also tend to be partial to ones with a well thought out UI that’s also easy for clients to use.

The two that I’ve found to be a great combo of freelancer friendly and great UX/UI are and Duet sits on your own server and Flow is a hosted service.

What are your faves?

I really like the one I’m building ;) But the Duet seems nice as well! For now I’m using GetHarvest and Trello.

I still use Basecamp, I tried duetapp but it’s pretty buggy and sparse documentation on how things work and had some responsive issues.

I’m using Getharvest as well. Easy to use. But lacking some features such as calendar, deadlines, to-do lists etc… Hoping to see these features anytime soon.

Getflow does those functions very well though, but it’s missing timetracking for some reason? I think that’s very important, so I never continued with Geflow.

I’m using for time tracking. It has cross platform support, so i can use the app on my mobile as well when i’m working on another computer. Their easy reporting system allows me to make very detailed invoices, which is a pre for me.

When working with(in) teams: Trello.