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I wish I had a checklist for webflow

Hi guys and ladies,

I would like to start a checklist with things that need to be done in order to create well built website in webflow. At the the end of my projects I can go through that list and check if I have thought of everything. Since webflow works point&click some steps are easily forgotten, since we don’t work in the code directly:


  • Including Tracking snippet
  • Adding a favicon
  • clean unused styles
  • check if element tags are assigned correctly
  • Are descriptions set correctly?
  • Have I assigned alt texts?


I would love to create this list together with other fellow webflow evangelists. What are your additions to that list?

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That’s a good idea, let’s add items to your list and gather all that somewhere.

Not so unrelated, this weekend I stumbled upon this page, the guidelines for submitting a template… it’s really full of good advices to follow for any site, not just when submitting a template. In between line,s you get a lot of information on how the designer was intended to work. Great read for everyone here.


Hmmm. I’ve been building one of these as I go. When I have a chance, I’ll put it in some order and share.

You might just want to give Trello ( a try. It’s a free “to do” list / project management card / tracking system which can be used for just about any company size and any project, big or small. You can create multiple “boards” – each board is like a separate bulletin or white board. Within each board you can create lists. The lists have “cards” in them which describe the project broken down into small tasks (some call these stories) related to the project as a whole. I tend to use one board per project and the number of lists and title of lists vary depending on the type of project. You can invite others to the board, and assign the cards to people as their tasks, with due dates, and everything. It’s pretty handy.

Trello is very nice. It’s easily integrated with Sunrise Calendar as well so you can see due dates from multiple boards in one place.