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Website portfolio hosting plan

Hello everyone, I am new to webflow and I am amazed with how easy is for me that I am not a coder to translate my website design into a functional website.

Question in brief: Should I go for Basic or CMS plan?

Back story:
My question is that the portfolio I made for myself is pretty simple but I am confused on what API does. I will insert a an embed video to my website in the future once I update some of my projects, do I need the CMS plan to in order to do that or should I be fine with basic plan?

I don’t use the CMS future because I couldn’t figure out how to make it in the grid that I did on my own.

Website link bellow:

hi @alexsasha ,

If you are not going to use the CMS (Content Management System) is better to go with the Basic plan. The API is for integrations mostly that I believe you won’t be using it.

I would recommend you use the same template for the projects and display them as a CMS content. Is easier to manage like this!

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Thank you for your reply.

I want to have cms for my projects but I struggle linking them to the grid that I made in my website. When i put my collection list to the grid everything is resized with the same width and height unlike the one that I currently have in the website.

Because you have access to (and are familiar with) the Designer, you can do pretty much everything “manually” without the need of a CMS. Given you are having trouble using the collection list within your design (although with some tweaks I don’t see why you couldn’t get this to work) I’d say you could save the cash and work within the Basic plan.

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Does API relate anything with embedding videos from youtube etc? Because I have a couple of projects that I need to include videos

Nope, there are a handful of “media” element types that you can use to embed YouTube (or other video) content:


So what is the purpose of API? (I found some information online but I can’t figure out what it is exactly used for)

That’s a fairly broad question, but basically any time you need to push or pull data from one source to another you’d use an API. Let’s say you had meetings organized within a service like Calendly. If you wanted to pull the meeting information (what time, place, how many attendees, etc) into your Webflow CMS, you would need to access Calendly’s API.

Oh right. So basically if you embed a video from a video platform to webflow it uses an API right?

With an API, your dealing with information between databases, in the case of embedding a video you’re just displaying a link with a set of parameters. Unless you needed to get information from one database to another, you won’t need to worry about API’s.

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Okay great. Thank you very much for your help!