What hosting plan is best for a portfolio site?

So I am learning how to use Webflow for the tutorials. I am also currently taking some UX Design courses to better my design skills and learn Figma. I have a decent portfolio size already. When I create my portfolio site I do want to upload my new US work but not all the files from the projects. Mostly some low fi prototypes and hi fi prototypes along with the final version. The rest I will post on Behance if someone wants to get into my research. I may also link to my Youtube videos and twitch stream, or have those videos embedded on the site. I dont think I want to host any CMS stuff. Is the basic plan enough with 50gig bandwidth and no CMS? Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you

I personally use the CMS plan. Whenever I complete a new project and want to display it, I can just fill out the CMS form for that collection. I also use a “Categories” CMS so I can organize my Web Design, Web Development, UX Design, UX Research, Miscellaneous, etc.

You can do a lot with the CMS fields and conditioning.

To put it shortly, I couldn’t recommend the CMS plan more. Anything more would be way too expensive.

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I think you are right. I looked into the CMS features a bit more in depth and it looks like it will help me out immensely. I am in the process of creating some UX Designs for a few online courses and want to show them. These courses also give certificates to show you completed them. While they may not be as important as a portfolio, I do want to show anybody that I took the time to learn as well. So yeah looks like the CMS plan it is for me. Thank you for the advice.

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That’s absolutely brilliant! I did something kind of similar (along the learning and building lines) for my portfolio, but it’s for my family. My entire family complains cause I’m hard to shop for since I buy things myself.

So to make things easier, I created a giant wishlist of everything I want and need. Now they can log in to my website and view everything. I use AirTable and NoBull to keep things updated in real-time.